Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Versamail vs Snappermail

After 1 month using Treo 650, one thing that bother me is email client, VersaMail. Do not misconceive, it's still work probably and well also. However, There have some dissatified function that make me looking for another client, including missing detach attachment function to free up main memory, irritating screen when enable receive only new message function, and re-receive deleted message. After that I found another popular palm email client, SnapperMail, so I have to use both programs for a week to find out which one is better..

That's a tough decision because there don't have a perfect program. Each program has advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at some example that I can found.

Reference: VersaMail v.3.1b and SnapperMail v.2.3 Enterprise Edition

— easy to use
— clearly interface
— pretty fast operation & preview attachment
— enable CSS but not including downloading link image

— can't detach attachments.
— no card friendly function
— always re-receive deleted mail
— receive only new mail function, such as less than a week, doesn't make any sense. Because it always show awkward popup "There are a new mail but it's too old." For what?
— slow save attach to card
— doesn't have save to handheld function—into other program.

— detach attachment function
— smart receive mail function. No annoyed alert like versamail.
— friendly with card storage!
— has a file manager on its own, easy to find an attachment.
— Has a screen to show progression of every operation
— useful receive function; only Message Text or Entire Message or Tag to receive.
— Disable all stylesheet.

— slower operation than versamail
— less clearly interface than versamail
— more complicate function and harder using one-hand operation than versamail
— extremely slow copying attach to card

Finally, I decide using SnapperMail because of detach attachment function, and no annoyed screen about old messages. Anyway, I can't tell it is my dream program likes Mozilla Thunderbird in desktop.

ps. I will try to capture both program screen for better understanding ;p but not yet..

add 3/11/2006:
Interface Comparion between Versamail and SnapperMail in PDF format download here

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